ECO Grill – vegetable oil for lighting firewood and coals.
There are plenty of ways to light a grill, but one of them is ECO Grill lighting.

All you need is:

- A grill filled with coal or firewood
- ECO Grill lighting
- Matches or a lighter
- Some paper napkins

Recommendations for use:

Crumple the paper napkins, impregnate them with the lighting oil and put them between the coals or firewood in three or four places in the grill. Pour some lighting oil over the coals or firewood. Open the grill ventilation, light each wad of the napkins separately, and you may leave the grill until the coals and firewood ignite. As soon as the oil has burnt off, you can start to fry, since ECO Grill lighting does not add any chemical smells or tastes to fried products.