EBM Grupp AS was established by private investors in 2000 and became a part of infrastructure of the Port of Tallinn. Upon the construction of the production terminal situated 250 meters from the piers and further development of the enterprise, we have used the most innovative technological solutions and equipment for the processing of various types of the vegetable oils and the production of new products. There are nine stainless steel tank reservoirs for the oils in our factory with a total volume of more than 3,500 tons. The available infrastructure at the seaport provides the enterprise with an excellent opportunity for the receipt and transshipment of all types of oils. We use special purpose tankers, maritime containers and railway transport using the gauge that is compatible with the railways of the countries of the former USSR. This guarantees deliveries to any region and market in countries in which these are limited for a number of reasons. In order to provide quality services to customers, our company provides both door-to-door services and services in individual segments of logistical directions.

EBM Grupp AS carries on active business in the Baltic states (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) and Scandinavia (Finland, Sweden). It has major partners in Central and Eastern Europe. We provide railway deliveries to the countries of Central Asia - Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan. We make deliveries to the Mediterranean countries – Malta, Cyprus and Israel with maritime containers. Our partners include customers in Latin America, for example in Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana and Surinam.

As of today, EBM Grupp AS is one of the most modern enterprises in its business area, it works with all types of vegetable oils and uses modern technologies for the enrichment of the oils with vitamins, the creation of „healthy” oil mixtures and the manufacture of deep frying oil mixtures for use in homes as well as on professional kitchens in cafeterias and restaurants, as well as food productions.

The key advantages EBM Grupp AS are that we work with all types of vegetable oils, including rare and exotic ones, such as a grape seed oil and linseed oil. We also provide the flexible fulfillment of both large volumes and small orders. At the same time, we offer a wide range of packaging and the fast delivery of special orders. The factory also has ambitious program for the production of a great number of vegetable oils for various segments of the market and various assortments with private labeling.

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